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About ARB

ARB is one of the largest wholesale underwriting agencies in Ireland. We have a team of experienced Underwriters who distribute our range of products through a panel of 350+ nationwide brokers.

Who we are?

ARB Underwriting was established in 1991. We were one of the 1st Managing General Agencies in Ireland. From the outset ARB was an innovator in the Irish market, introducing non-standard motor insurance and multi-trip annual travel insurance into Ireland. In our 26 years we have built up a strong reputation on the market as an innovative and progressive company.

ARB Underwriting Ltd is part of the ARB Group.

What we do?

At ARB we pride ourselves at being an exciting and innovative underwriting agency. We underwrite a broad range of risks including motor, commercial, PI, & travel insurance. We have worked hard to develop strong, reliable markets abroad. This is to ensure we can offer a high level of service with a wide range of quality insurance products both in the standard and niche markets.

At ARB we are committed to developing a superior suite of products and driving business forward.

ARB forms long term relationships with capital providers built by careful and prudent underwriting. Those relationships form the bedrock of ARB’s business model. That philosophy requires that ARB whenever possible protects its capital providers by exercising a strong duty of care in underwriting risk. This is achieved by the development over time of robust processes, training and through the monitoring of standards both internal and external.

ARB are an underwriting agency and not a direct insurer, this means that we can only deal with brokers.

Who do we work with?